Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Its been awhile...

Sorry for the delays in posts, but the holidays and two vacations nearly back to back, kept us quite busy over the past month. We are well though and hope you are too! So, I have yet another Rite Aid deal to tell about...
I don't have my receipt in front of me...because I had to send it in for a rebate, but I will try to remember as many details as I can.
I decided to take advantage of the "transfer your prescription " incentive this month. It seems like all the pharmacies are trying to get your business, so they offer gift cards if you transfer your prescriptions to them. My parents have been pharmacy hopping for years and always tell us about this $20 gift card or that $25 one. So, Rite Aid was offering one $25 gift cards per prescription per person. I am very happy with the service we get at Walgreens, but I wanted to take advantage of the deal to use the money to get some odds and ends we needed. Two of my boys each take a daily med, so thats two scripts, $25 gift card each....$50 total! Woohoo! There are quite a lot of good deals going on at Rite Aid this month between sales, coupon match-ups, SCR, manufacturer rebates, and the new deal...spend $25, $50, or even $100 worth of Proctor and Gamble products and earn a $5, $15, or $35 Visa gift card. That's a pretty sweet deal. So you guessed it, I used my Rite Aid $50 gift cards to buy some of the eligible products (i.e. I got Pampers, Duracell batteries, Olay Quench lotion, and Tampax tampons). It ended up being over $50 worth of stuff (retail, before all discounts) that I already earned a $15 Visa gift card. And the promotion goes through early February I believe.

OK, some other details of this shopping trip. I mentioned I got Olay lotion. Well, most of you know that Olay was offering a rebate of the full purchase price of up to two Quench body lotions. So I took advantage of that and got two great lotions for free! I had the $5/25 purchase coupon that is floating online and the $5/20 coupon from Video Values and those lowered my total costs-yes, you can use both. I had quite a few manufacturers coupons for the items mentioned above. And I snag some clearance Christmas items like wrapping paper that was 90% off. Even though the retail cost of everything was probably $70, I only paid about $36 (used gift card) and still have $14 left on the Rite Aid gift card. So, lots of free items, and qualified for the Olay rebate and the Visa rebate! Hopefully, I will use the last $14 wisely to qualify for the P and G Visa rebate of $35. It will be a huge money maker!

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