Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cheap (nearly free) Christmas Cards

So, I was debating if I should wait to see if would offer free cards again like last year, but I had heard about some good deals from Snapfish so I went ahead and ordered some.  If anyone does here about the offer, please let us know.  It was in November that they came around last year.  Not sure if any of you acted on the opportunity to get a $10 credit last week from Snapfish, but you can use that money for your card orders.  I used these two codes, BABIES and BABYMAIL, in two separate orders to get a set of 20 4x8 cards, $14.99 value, for free.  You just have to pay for shipping which is $5.99/set.  I believe these codes expire on Oct. 31st.   Thankfully, my $10 credit applied to the shipping charges, so after each order, I only paid $3.48 out of pocket for 40 Christmas cards.  Yeah!   I am also going to use many of my Pampers points from the Gifts to Grow Rewards program to get a free set of 25 cards from Shutterfly too.  So I will be well on my way to having my Christmas cards taking care of for less than $5!  Not bad!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Frugal Birthday Cakes: Part 2-Free 1st Birthday Cake

Some of you may already know this, but you can receive a FREE cake for your child's first birthday from Acme!  Thankfully, I have known about this for the past four years and have gotten free cakes for all three of my boys.  You usually need to give the bakery at least 24 hours notice and when you pick up the cake, you show them your child's birth certificate.  You can get a free 1/4 sheet cake, or use the coupon (I think it's for about $15.99) towards a larger cake or a cake with a photo on it.  I prefer to do the photo cakes, so I usually get a 1/4 sheet cake with a picture of my child on it, and pay only $7.  Not bad in my book.  And for a grocery store cake, I think Amce makes the best...if you get the whipped cream icing!