Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My best Rite Aid trip yet!

I didn't get a good picture of this deal, so I thought I would just try my best to explain how I got it. Everything I bought either was either on sale, had a manufacturer's coupon, a SCR, Ad Perk coupon (Video Values), and/or a combo of some or all. I also used this coupon and this coupon (a new coupon from Coupons.com). Yes, I was surprisingly able to use both. I initially had over $35-40 worth of merchandise (maybe more), so I could get $5/25 and then used the $4/20. Hint-print multiple copies of the $5/25 and use all the way through December. So here goes:
Here's what I got. Check out the circular to see what deals you can score.

Hershey’s, Mars or Nestle Fun Size or Snack Size Candy $2.44 ea
buy 3 get 1 free Hershey's, Reese's, or Kit Kat (10/18 SS)

***I bought 3 and got one bag free. ($1.83 each)

Vaseline Intensive Care Sheer Infusion Body Lotion
$4.99 sale
-$4 Single Check Rebate (SCR)
-$1.50 printable
Final Cost: $.50 moneymaker after coupon and rebate

Kotex Security Tampons $2.99 each sale
-$2 SCR
-$1.00 printable (sign up on Kotex website)
Final Cost: FREE!

GE Soft White Longlife Light Bulbs 2 pack 2/$2 sale
-$2.00 SCR on 2
Final Cost: FREE!

Pull-Ups Jumbo pack $9.99 sale
-$3 SCR
-$2 printable (requires registration, can print one per month)
-$2 Pull-Up coupon from Video Values credits
Final Cost: $2.99 (a steal!)

David Babaii for WildAid Shampoo and Conditioner BOGO $9.99 sale (never used it before, but I thought I would try it b/c it is all natural and cruelty free)
-$2 SCR (not advertised)
-$5 September Video Value coupon
-$2 September Video Value coupon
Final Cost: $.99 for 2 high-end products!

Other Misc. Purchases:
Gallon Skim milk $2.69
2 more bags of candy, sale $2.44 each
-2 $.50 peelies I found on each bag (paid $1.94 each)

Ok, so now to explain the rest of the deal. Everything above, with sales, and coupons came to $21.35. I then used my $20 Fall Gift of Savings Gift Certificate, so only paid $1.35 out of my pocket. And, I am eligible for $13 SCR's!!!

Bottom Line:

Product Retail Value: $79.56 (before sales, coupons, etc.)

Final Cost: $11.65 PROFIT back in my pocket to be used to give more for the Lord!

Yippy!!!! (I hope you all followed this. I was trying to make it as clear as possible in case you wanted to try to do it).

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Giant coupon

Here's a great coupon to save on produce at Giant this week! Its for $2 off a $5 produce purchase. Gala apples are super cheap this week too...88 cents/pound! Find the coupon here. It expires on 10/24.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Rite Aid Shopping Trip

Retail Value: Over $50 (there's one item missing because I'm using it already...this really cool lip gloss-chapstick)

Actually Paid: $3

So, how did I pull this deal off? Well, last week, Rite Aid had quite a few items that had Single Check Rebates (SCR) that made the items free (once you submit the receipts online and get your check back). Several items were on sale and I had coupons for them, i.e. the candy, hair dye (the truth is out I color my hair...hehehe), Tide, and the razor and blades. A combo of sales, SCR, and coupons too! The best part is I had two coupons for Rite Aid this one and one from the Video Values that I wrote about before. I wasn't sure I would be able to use both, but I did score another $10 off the total by using both. It never hurts to try. I got some good stuff and once I get my check back from Rite Aid it will have been only $3 out of my pocket. Don't forget to look at this weeks SCR offers. They have some more items that will be free. Do you have any good Rite Aid deal scenarios to share?

Great Acme Deals!

Retail Value: $70.57 (probably even higher-but not all the sale items had their regular prices listed, i.e. apples on sale for 88 cents....usually like $1.69/pound)

Actually Paid: $15.80

As you can see there are quite a few groceries in that picture above. Including 7 boxes of cereal! This is a great week to hit some super deals at the Acme. If you spend $25 in General Mills products you get a $10 certificate to be used on your next order. Which if you plan it out right, ring up your stuff in two different orders, so you don't forget to use your $10. I was able to get a couple other things that I needed that were on sale and I had additional coupons for. Also, almost every single item in the GM deal has a coupon from the Sunday paper and Coupons.com...or both! I was able to double up a lot of the coupons. I had a coupon for everything I bought that was a General Mills product. The Acme actually owes me $2 more because they had another Catalina deal where you buy four Pillsbury items and get $2 back, but for some reason it didn't print out for me.

I must admit it wasn't the smoothest shopping trip, even though I did my homework, had a list, coupons organized, and a ball park figure out what everything should cost. It was a busy Saturday afternoon. Note to self-don't go shopping when you are trying to get the best bang for your buck during one of the busiest shopping times. They were out of a certain size of cereal, but thankfully the manager gave me three boxes of another size at the sale price plus a rain check for another visit to get the sale price again. I had accidently picked up two items that weren't on sale because they were the wrong size, so I had to leave the register with my screaming son, and two more customers behind me waiting, and get the right size items. The $10 certificate didn't print out so I had to go to customer service to take care of that. And I was overcharged for the bag of veggies, but thankfully the girl at the customer service desk gave them to me for free! So even though there were some bumps in the road, the customer service was good, and I was a very happy customer because I made out very, very well!

Check your circular and look over your coupons and you'll be amazed how you can save this week. Remember the $25 you have to spend is before coupons....once my coupons were calculated it was only like $14 out of my pocket, but I was still eligible for the $10 back!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Babies R Us/Toys R Us deal--Free Cookware

So there are only two days left to score this deal that I learned about from an email by being a Babies R Us/Toys R Us Rewards Member. More info about it here. Buy $30 or more of participating P&G products, and you’ll receive a $10 gift card. Plus you can submit this mail-in rebate to receive a FREE Good Cooks Hope kitchenware set valued at $40!

A friend of mine went with me today so we both could take advantage of this really cool deal.

At Toys R Us today I got the Charmin big pack for 17.99 and an 8 pack of C Duracell batteries for 12.99 ($1/1 from 9/27) and got the $10 GC and now I will submit for the pans.

Funny story-I first went to Babies R Us to do the deal. I had all my P and G coupons in hand and ready to rock and roll (Bounty, Tide products and Duracell) and even a coupon from the Always Freebie. The cashier looked a little intimidated that I did my homework to get the best deal. Well, I was trying to buy Tide to Go and for whatever reason it wasn’t working in the computer to make the deal happen (spend $30 get the $10 GC). I had two managers and two cashiers trying to override the system and help me out. It seems like you have to buy the “big packs” or large bottles of detergent to make it happen-though I don’t see that in the fine print anywhere. The employees felt bad about the whole situation not working out for me as I thought it should that they gave me a free pack of Bounty paper towels (value $17.99), and then I bought 3 Tide To Go’s, and the free Always pads for only a little over $5. But I didn’t get what I came for..the free GC and to be eligible to get the free pans, that’s why I headed to TRU.

So, after both trips, I got paper towels, toilet paper, pads, batteries, Tide to Go (3) for about $35 out of my pocket (product retail value of about $63), got my free $10 BRU/TRU gift card, was eligible for the free cookware offer, and even got one of my sons his birthday gifts because their was a special sale today and I had the GC and a coupon from the TRU birthday club…only spent another $11.97 out of my pocket for his gift that has a value of over $34.

A good day….

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Children's Place

You have got to check out the Children's Place.com. You can get summer shorts and tops for 99 cents! Stock up and get some Christmas shopping done. I got 10 items, some for CJVB and then the rest will be gifts for others for just over 20 bucks! Yeah!!! You can try this code to save 15%... HA99. Don't forget, join Ebates, click on The Children's Place and you'll get 3% back on your purchase. Its that simple!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So, I was reading on this blog called Deal Seeking Mom and found out about this. Its a deal where you can get a bunch of online discount codes and/or gift certificates, and services that are valued at $799 and the proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Society. You can get it for $29.99 or $17.99 if you use one of my codes. If my code doesn't work, you may still be able to use the code that the Deal Seeking Mom has listed. You get a great deal and you are supporting a great cause! Remember this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here are my codes to score an the 40% off discount:

1st: GAA24AC5945FH826
2nd: 72634AC5945FH926
3rd: 782D4AC5945FHA26

Here's what you get in The Big Bundle: (The ones that I am excited about are in red.)

Papa John’s: $10 Gift Card (first 2500 bundles only!)
Restaurant.com: $25 Gift Certificate
Skype: 1 Month Unlimited* US & Canada Subscription
Trend Micro: AntiVirus plus AntiSpyware 2010
PopCap Games: Bejeweled 2
Shoebuy: $10 Gift Certificate
TripIt: 6 Months of TripIt Pro
Zagat: 3 Month Subscription to ZAGAT.com
Corel: Photo Album 7
CyberLink: MediaShow 5
1-800-Flowers.com: $20 Savings Pass
Snapfish: 16×20 Poster
Evernote: $25 off Evernote Premium
WinZip: Winzip 12.1 Standard
Threadless Tees: $5 Coupon
Hotels.com: $50 Off a 3 Night Stay
Collectorz: Movie Collector – Standard Edition
Nordstrom: $20 Rebate with a $100 Purchase
RoboForm Pro
Mozy: 50% Off One Year of MozyHome Unlimited
Playfirst: Diner Dash
ImTOO/Xilisoft: 3GP Video Converter
Foxit: PDF Creator
Dropbox: 3 Months of Dropbox Pro (50GB)
Picnik: 6 Months of Picnik Premium
23andMe: $50 Off the Full Edition
LancĂ´me: Free Shipping on ANY Order Plus Four Deluxe Samples
SmugMug: $25 Off a SmugMug Account
CircuitCity.com: $10 off $100 purchase
Gap: $20 off $100 purchase at Gap.com
PETCO.com: $25 Coupon off $100 Purchase
GoDaddy: 1 Domain

Be aware though that some of these discount codes expire soon. I am excited because I scored the Papa John's $10 gift certificate (only 2500 of those) that I hope I can combine it with the Eagles Pizza Deal next week.

By the way, I'm not sure if anyone even reads this blog. If you stop by, can you say hi real quick so I know this is worth doing? My family blog is still having technical difficulties, so I am having fun keeping up with this one recently. I have been loving searching some great deals lately. Happy shopping and saving!!!!