Saturday, February 19, 2011

Walgreen's Diapers $1.50/Jumbo Pack!!!!

Get them while you can!  I just got back from Walgreen's and I couldn't wait to post about a deal going on right now (today is the last day) on diapers.  You can get jumbo packs of diapers for only $1.50/pack.  That's 5 cents/diaper for size 5 and about 4 cents/diaper for size 4.  It would be even less per diaper if you get the smaller sizes.  So here's what you do...go and pick up two jumbo packs of the Walgreen's diapers, they are on sale for $6.99 AND are but one get one free.  Next, go to the pharmacy counter (that's where to go at the Main St. Walgreen's in Middletown) and get the "Infant Care" coupon booklet.  Inside you find a coupon for $2/pack of Walgreen's diapers.  Give it to the cashier with your diapers and you will actually get $4 off because you have two packs.  Yeah!  $2.99 out of pocket for at least 54 diapers (size 5).  I got four packs today (did two transactions) and only paid about $6.  And, by the way, if they are out of the size you need, get a rain check and save your coupons.  They don't expire until 12/2011.  I ended up getting a rain check too, so I can go back and buy some more size 5's soon.  If you can't find the "Infant Care" coupon booklet ask an associate/manager for help.  Even though I use cloth diapers most of the time, this deal was well worth it for me for the times I do use disposables (i.e. at night, trips, etc.).  And I don't know much about Walgreen's diapers, but again, at that price, if I use more than usual, I am fine with that!

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