Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Things to buy in bulk...

Just thought I do a quick post of some things I buy in bulk...maybe this will give you all some new ideas...please share your random bulk purchases too!

1.  shredded cheese (it freezes very well-you can put it is separate ziploc bags)
2.  bread (also freezes very well)
3.  the obvious toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, paper plates and cups, detergent, ziploc bags, shaving cream, diapers, wipes, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, hand soap, dish washer detergent, dish soap, clorox wipes, cleaners, even Spray 'N Wash-you use a lot of that when you have kids
4.  oatmeal
5.  ketchup and BBQ sauce
6.  just bought bulk bread crumbs for the first time
7.  all my meat (unless of course its on super sale at the grocery store)
8.  turkey bacon (so much cheaper and freezes very well)
9.  sugar and brown sugar
10.  D and D coffee (I'm not ready to be frugal with my coffee...hehehe)
11.  Peanut Butter and Jelly
12.  salad, carrots, and broccoli
13.  frozen veggies
14.  whole wheat pasta
15.  cereal bars
16.  walnuts
17.  batteries (and DVB tells me that Kirkland batteries are rated #1 in Consumer Reports)
18.  yogurt (sometimes)
19.  frozen berries/blueberries
20.  fresh strawberries 
21.  sweet potatoes when they are in season (one time I got 10 lbs. for $2.99!!!!!!!!!!!)

Ok, so almost everything I buy comes from Costco if I can help it.   But my four most surprising things:
1.  Honey (if you use it a lot, its so much cheaper...I never realized how expensive it was until I started using it a lot)
2.  Pure vanilla extract  (same reason as above)
3.  Hershey's Chocolate Syrup (DVB's idea)
4.  whipped cream!!!!!  Land of Lakes is by far the best whipped cream....

And things I wish I could buy in bulk...that would save me my trips to Walmart or another grocery store
1.   whole wheat flour
2.  Good Seasons dressing
3.  Yoplait kids yogurt
4.  bananas that weren't so green

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