Sunday, August 2, 2009

Great deals on kids clothes!

I have not been shopping for my boys in such a long time-but thanks to an email in my inbox on Friday I ventured to the mall. I got a 2 day coupon for The Children's Place to save an extra 25% on all purchases (in store and online). Well, I always like to buy my kids clothes a year ahead of time because I save so much buying clearance. I didn't know if it would happen this year since we have been soo, so busy with all that is going on in our lives. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a good deal-so off we went to the a serious rain storm! All the summer stuff was about 40-50% marked down already and with the additional coupon the savings really added up. I really only needed to get summer things for Ethan for next year, Nathan has plenty and so will the new baby. Since I already had a merchandise credit for the store (for about $25), I ended up getting 3 pairs of shorts and 4 shirts and they owed me $1.50! The original price on all those items would have been $87.50. Wow! Super deal. Once I got home, I wanted to check the online inventory. They actually had a lot more to offer. So I decided to get a few more things. I got 3 more pairs of shorts, 2 t-shirts, and a pair of swim trunks for $27.45 ($10 of which was for shipping). So to review, I spent about $25 out of my own pocket!!! 13 items, that's like $2.00 an item. I think Ethan is now set for summer clothes. I'm sure he has stuff that will fit him from this year's collection too-I find that to be true every year. And these items will be great hammy-downs for our other two boys when the time comes.

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