Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cereal Deals and FREE Milk!

Our local grocery stores here in the Delaware Valley have been having some great deals on cereal and offers for free milk when you buy a certain number of boxes.  Today, I just got back from Giant with 4 boxes of General Mills cereal and a gallon of milk for only $4.36 total!  Here was the deal:

Purchase 4 boxes of GM cereal, any variety/size and get $6 off instantly at checkout.
I had 4 coupons (one per box) from online ( and from the Smart Source section (or  of the Sunday paper (it was either this past Sunday or the one before), that were all doubled, giving me another $4.20 off.   I tried to pick the best coupons for the least expensive cereals.

It was like getting each box of name brand cereal for $1.09/box and a free gallon of milk.  In case you can't make it to Giant tonight before the sale ends, no worries, the deals continue this week at Acme, starting tomorrow, April 1.

Select Kellogg's cereals (and Pop Tarts) are on sale, 3 boxes for $5, and on top of that you can get a FREE gallon of milk with every three boxes purchased (note: any variety of Kellogg's works for the milk deal, but only a select few are on sale).  Kellogg's coupons are a little bit harder to find than General Mills ones, but I just signed up today on the Kellogg's website and found some coupons on there.  I printed two of the ones for $1.00/3 boxes because it looks like that coupon includes the same ones on the Acme deal (3 boxes for $5).  So, starting tomorrow you should be able to get 3 boxes of cereal for $4 and a free gallon of milk (or 6 boxes and 2 gallons of milk for $8 if you print two coupons).  This deal will make each box only $1.25 and you will get free milk!

In case you didn't know this trick, just click the back button after you print one coupon and then you can print your second one.  There are other coupons available on the website too for other Kellogg's varieties.   Anybody know where there are any other Kellogg's coupons floating around?


  1. I was so glad to see this again too! its great that we can get milk (and cereal) for good prices with how expensive things are right now

  2. And remember to save your Kelloggs UPCs for the rebate on their website!