Monday, October 12, 2009

Babies R Us/Toys R Us deal--Free Cookware

So there are only two days left to score this deal that I learned about from an email by being a Babies R Us/Toys R Us Rewards Member. More info about it here. Buy $30 or more of participating P&G products, and you’ll receive a $10 gift card. Plus you can submit this mail-in rebate to receive a FREE Good Cooks Hope kitchenware set valued at $40!

A friend of mine went with me today so we both could take advantage of this really cool deal.

At Toys R Us today I got the Charmin big pack for 17.99 and an 8 pack of C Duracell batteries for 12.99 ($1/1 from 9/27) and got the $10 GC and now I will submit for the pans.

Funny story-I first went to Babies R Us to do the deal. I had all my P and G coupons in hand and ready to rock and roll (Bounty, Tide products and Duracell) and even a coupon from the Always Freebie. The cashier looked a little intimidated that I did my homework to get the best deal. Well, I was trying to buy Tide to Go and for whatever reason it wasn’t working in the computer to make the deal happen (spend $30 get the $10 GC). I had two managers and two cashiers trying to override the system and help me out. It seems like you have to buy the “big packs” or large bottles of detergent to make it happen-though I don’t see that in the fine print anywhere. The employees felt bad about the whole situation not working out for me as I thought it should that they gave me a free pack of Bounty paper towels (value $17.99), and then I bought 3 Tide To Go’s, and the free Always pads for only a little over $5. But I didn’t get what I came for..the free GC and to be eligible to get the free pans, that’s why I headed to TRU.

So, after both trips, I got paper towels, toilet paper, pads, batteries, Tide to Go (3) for about $35 out of my pocket (product retail value of about $63), got my free $10 BRU/TRU gift card, was eligible for the free cookware offer, and even got one of my sons his birthday gifts because their was a special sale today and I had the GC and a coupon from the TRU birthday club…only spent another $11.97 out of my pocket for his gift that has a value of over $34.

A good day….

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  1. Nice work! I always get a little bit anxious when trying to take advantage of a super-great deal. There is always this fear in the back of my mind that something won't ring up as I planned, and I am not very good at impromptu changes of plans. I am heading to Acme tonight to take advantage of some great deals with my super-detailed list....hopefully it will go off without a hitch.