Thursday, February 18, 2010

Great New Olay Rebate

Wow! Olay has been offering great rebates lately. So here's the latest one. Get $15 back when you buy 3 qualifying products (i.e. facial lotions, body lotions, body washes, soap, etc.) by March 12, 2010. FYI: This week, these qualifying Olay products are on sale at Rite Aid for 3 for $18. If you submit for the rebate, you can score great products for only $3. And then if you use some P and G coupons from one of the January inserts you can save even more. Sorry, I don't know the date off hand of the insert, but I did find a $1/1 facial lotion, and $1/1 body wash. I wish I would have had more, but I didn't feel like bothering anyone for their extra coupons. So, tonight, my bottom line was 2 Ribbons Body Washes (18 oz. bottle) and 1 Facial Moisturizer (6 oz.) for only $1 after the rebate and coupons. Check out the rebate form and details here. The regular price of these three items would have been $27! Pretty good bargain in my book! Oh, and if you haven't used your video values coupon yet ($5/20) you could have a money maker here. I used mine last week when I was working for my $35 Visa Gift card deal. Which I did earn! Yippy!

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