Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I love my local library!

I already told you about my local library in this post. But, I wanted to write about it again, to encourage all in the area to stop by and check it out. The Corbit-Calloway Memorial Library is located in the heart of Odessa and is part of the New Castle County library system. My boys and I are continuing to enjoy the weekly story times on Wednesdays at 11:00. Please come check it out. The past three weeks there have been guests. We saw a wonderful magic show from a well-seasoned clown, learned about Earth Day and composting from a lady from the University of Delaware, and today, there was a physical therapist (how ironic--that's my background) there who talked to the children about posture and having a healthy spine. I have been so impressed by how educational and fun these times are for my kids and me.

Last week, I checked out their rack of books for sale and found 9 books for $0.25 each. I couldn't believe it! They were in great shape too. A couple of them looked brand new. Yes, books that are free are probably the best, but really cheap books that support the local library I love are really great too! I am a big fan of having a nice library in my home, especially of children's books. I know we will use them over and over again. I don't hesistate too much to make an investment with books. They can be soo expensive to buy new from the store, so I was excited to find some gently used ones for only $2.25 total.

(Oh, by the way, do you know books make great gifts for baby showers and for the family with that new baby? I will never forget how grateful I was for the gift of books I got when I was pregnant with my first son).

So here's what I got: (I was really excited to find the Cheerios book, a Curious George book, a Dr. Seuss book, "Are You My Mother?", and a cool book where my sons can practice writing their letters with a dry-erase marker).

Support your local library. Maybe you'll find some great books to take home too!

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