Sunday, August 1, 2010

Price Adjustments

Is that a familiar term to you?  Well, I have known about price adjustments for years and its another way I try to save some extra money while shopping.  A price adjustment is when a store will give you money back (one time per receipt) when you bring in your receipt, usually within a specific time period, if any/all of the items have gone on sale or even further sale.  For example, all of the Gap affiliate stores (Gap, Gap Kids, Baby Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic) will offer a one time price adjustment within 14days of the purchase date for any item, regular price or sale.  I was so excited when I went to Old Nay a few weeks ago, showed the associate all the receipts that happened to be in my wallet and found that some of the items I purchased while on vacation had been reduced further.  I was just under the two week time frame too and I got $9.99 back!  The Gap stores are my favorite places to get price adjustments because I love that they offer it on sale items too and you can almost guarantee that within two weeks they will mark things down again. Now, is it always convenient to drive back to the mall to get the adjustment, that's for you to decide.  Here's a tip, give the store a call ahead of time and go over your receipt with the associate in order to find out if anything can be price adjusted before making the trip.

Kohl's and The Children's Place are two other stores that I have experienced price adjustments.  However, their policy is a little bit different than Gap.  These stores offer, one-time, price adjustments within two weeks of the purchase date on regular price items only (not clearance).  I do believe though at Kohl's if an item is on sale, not clearance, they will offer a price adjustment if the price changes within the two weeks.  For example, you buy a picture frame during a 40% of sale, and then it goes to a 50% off sale, I do believe you can get the price adjustment, if its within two weeks.  Kohl's has excellent customer service.  They always want to make you happy and get you the best price.  But remember, if an item is on clearance, I do not think you can get a price adjustment.  At The Children's Place, the item has to be a regular priced item that then goes on sale in order for it to be eligible for a price adjustment within two weeks.  No sale or clearance items are eligible.

A new store I found this summer that offers a great price adjustment policy is Dick's Sporting Goods.  A few weeks ago we purchased a new tube for our boat that retailed $150.00.  I know that sounds like a lot, but they are expensive and the one we got can fit up to three people and seems very sturdy. And let me tell you, its awesome and had made for tons of fun memories already for our family...even for our three-year-old! Anyway, this one was actually mis-marked and they honored the advertised price of $124.99.  While we were checking out, I remembered that I had a $20 off/$100 or more purchase coupon in our Entertainment book.  However, I didn't have it with me.  I asked the manager if there was any way I could apply the coupon to this purchase at our local Delaware store once we got back from vacation. He told me yes and that I would have 30 days to bring in my receipt for the adjustment.  Well, I went back to our store, explained I had made the purchase in New York, but now wanted to use my Entertainment coupon.  They said no problem.  Score!  So, the cashier proceeds with the transaction and tells me I'm going to be refunded like over $50.  I was a little confused because my coupon was only for $20.  She told me the raft was now on sale for $99.99 and because I was in Delaware now, the computer would also automatically refund me the New York state tax.  I couldn't believe it, and all I had to show her was my receipt and the coupon and we ended up saving $75.00 off of the original retail price after it was all said and done.  I asked what their price adjustment policy was and they said 30 days.  Good to know!

Do you know of any other stores that offer price adjustments?  What has been your experience?  These have been my most recent experiences at these stores.   I may of may not have the most accurate price adjustment information for each store.  If you know of any other helpful information about this topic please do share.

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