Friday, March 19, 2010

Free (treats) and Family Fun to Celebrate the first day of spring!

This is a fun post that I am sure you will apppreciate. Tomorrow, Saturday, March 20th, you can go to your local Bruster's (well, at least here in the MOT area), wear your pajamas, and get a free waffle cone. Its for real, because I saw it on their sign last night as I was driving through town! I am so excited about this. Wouldn't it be fun to get all "dressed up" in your jammies with your family and enjoy free ice cream? That is my kind of fun! Great family day/night activity.

And, if you're not the type to go out in public in your jammies, the fun doesn't end here.....go across the street and get a free medium water ice at Rita's. It appears that all of the Rita's are participating as they are all celebrating the first day of Spring. You can read about that promotion here. Thanks goes to Deal Seeking Mom for letting me know about it.

Should I do both? Oh, would my boys love that! This would also be a great way to go out with friends and/or neighbors too as a way to fellowship and have fun! Anybody wanna go?

Happy Spring! Isn't this weather soooo lovely?!?!

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